Problem entering charges for multiple scouts and adults at one time

Today I was trying to enter a charge for the purchase of a troop summer camp t-shirt. I was using the quick entry payment log and marked several scouts and adults to be charged $14.77 each. After hitting the final button to apply the charges, I received an error triangle reporting that my number cannot be negative. How am I supposed to charge accounts without the number being negative?

If you click Charge system knows it is a deduction

I did click charge and entered the 14.77 in the amount area and it gave me an error reading. I’ve used this feature in the past and not had a problem so I’m not sure why I am now having this issue.

Are you entering a negative number? If it’s a charge, you enter it as positive, and the system converts it to negative to record it.

No, I did not enter a negative number. I clicked on the charge bubble, clicked on 15 different scouts and adults, entered the name or description info, entered the 14.77 in the amount area, and entered my label info, then hit save. Gave me the error.

It was weird. @MichellePritchard And I could add pictures but it is working again.

Here is a screenshot.

I tried using my laptop as well as my phone and had the same result. I can charge individual accounts but cannot charge multiple accounts using the quick entry feature.


Michelle Pritchard
Troop 1401G


Can you grab a screen shot so we can see how you are completing the form? I have not been able to get it to fail on our test site.

My phone screen shot is in Matt Johnson’s post.


Thanks, I thought that was Matt’s. Which option did you select under Type?

I chose record a charge from the unit.

I have tried several times and have not reproduced this. Do you get the same results trying scouts and adult separately?

I just tried charging all the scouts and it worked. Charged the adults in another transaction and that worked. I guess I just can’t charge both scouts and adults in the same transaction. Is that how I need to do all future group charges?


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I’m not sure. That’s weird though. I wonder if it’s just something with the number of people you had included. Shouldn’t be…

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