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Problem with Eagle Palms 2

I posted this before with no response and the discussion was automatically closed. I am posting it again to see if someone else may read it and have an answer.

I had a scout who earned his Eagle back in October. He had enough merit badges for all 3 palms at the time he earned his Eagle. I entered it into and printed off the report and took it to my local council office. I got the 3 palm emblems and cards from them. Evidently they have “misplaced” the paperwork because the last time I was able to look at his advancement on Scoutbook, the palms still weren’t showing. I emailed our registrar at the council office and she stated that they have been without a regular secretary who enters this information. They have been using temps and fill-ins, and stuff has been misplaced or just not completed. She told me that she would get it taken care of. Since he is over 18 now and is no longer registered with the troop, I cannot view any of his records on Scoutbook. How can I find out if he is now showing the 3 palms on his record or not? I would rather verify this with instead of the council office considering the problems we have been having with record keeping on their end.


Since the Scout is no longer on your unit roster, you will need to contact your registrar and request a copy of the Scout’s person record.

note for next time. Our Troop keeps the boys registered for the next year just to avoid this type of thing. Good luck in taking care of it. It sounds like they will get it fixed. If he has the book signed and the cards it should be ok.

I have seen this posted before about scouts when they age out being dropped from face book but still waiting for their eagle bard…we had our first scout age out this past week but still on roster ( not complaining he too is waiting for his bard) who determines this the system itself or somebody at council office.

Sorry scout book not face book

Craig, is the Scout is still listed as a youth on your official roster at (Member Manager)?

Scouts are not being dropped from Scoutbook until one of the following occurs:

  1. The Scout is not included at recharter time. The Scout will be dropped when the unit’s recharter is processed.
  2. The Scout completes an application to become an adult leader and the Council processes the application.

Thanks, good to know ( the scout is planning in the future to stay involved ( scout masters son) but were already planning on not turning in a adult app untill his eagle is approved

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