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Problem with Eagle Palms

I had a scout who earned his Eagle back in October. He had enough merit badges for all 3 palms at the time he earned his Eagle. I entered it into and printed off the report and took it to my local council office. I got the 3 palm emblems and cards from them. Evidently they have “misplaced” the paperwork because the last time I was able to look at his advancement on Scoutbook, the palms still weren’t showing. I emailed our registrar at the council office and she stated that they have been without a regular secretary who enters this information. They have been using temps and fill-ins, and stuff has been misplaced or just not completed. She told me that she would get it taken care of. Since he is over 18 now and is no longer registered with the troop, I cannot view any of his records on Scoutbook. How can I find out if he is now showing the 3 palms on his record or not? I would rather verify this with instead of the council office considering the problems we have been having with record keeping on their end.


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