Problem with needs purchasing report: missing an E.Prep MB. for 1 scout

Just finished entering merit badges from summer camp. Compared the total number of MBs needed on the Needs Purchasing Report:

to the list I maintain in Excel for the next Court of Honor which has 45 MBs to present. I compare the actual lists and find that the missing MB is E Prep for a scout ID: 14928856 SB 1084047 that is dual registered in my troop and a troop in a nearby council. See extract of Scouts advancement.

I also created an Advancement Report and the E Prep for the Scout is NOT listed in the Advancement report yet it shows up in SB. I also looked at IA and E Prep is listed in IA. This report is created while in Incognito in Chrome. I first noticed it in Firefox NOT a private window.
I can work around it when the Fall COH comes around. I will NOT delete the current open PO until closer to time for the Fall COH. Thanks

@MichaelMcGehearty look at needs awarding and see if a PO is listed under the EPrep

Needs Awarding for the scout looks like:
PO 812374. That number does NOT show up on my closed POs. Probably the scouts other troop. I will check with them. Thanks for the tip to look at the Needs Awarding Report, this may not be a bug just a communication item between our two units. May take a little while to communicate, will update when complete. Thanks

Communicated with other unit. The E. Prep MB is on PO 812374 and the PO is closed. The other unit has the E Prep MB and will provide to our unit for the Fall COH. I consider this is NOT a SB bug and this thread can be closed.
Donovan thanks for the tip about Needs Awarding report.

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