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Problems Replying On Certain Topics

Has anyone else experienced problems with being able to reply on certain topics? In the least few days there are some active topics I can reply on and some I can’t. Is there a glitch or am I on double-secret probation?

Topics close after a period of time depending on the channel and cannot be replied to

The two topics I was referring to are:

Does your troop pay for committee member or adult leader recharter fees?


Where Do You See Scouting Membership In The Next 5 Years? What Can We Do To Grow The Program?

Both are still getting daily replies yet I can’t reply on either…they are still quite active


I need to get with the developers to find out why you have this issue but I have a workaround for you. If you scroll all the way to the top of the topic (or remove last number from the URL) the Reply button will reappear.

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I’ll be.It worked…Thanks for the help

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