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Problems with adding service hours

I created a service event in Internet Advancement from a Scout’s activity log link in Scoutbook. When I add persons to the event it won’t add a particular adult listed. Instead it automatically adds another adult’s name, and not the one I chose. I deleted the person listed and tried again. It keeps doing the same thing. Won’t add the person I chose, but puts another adult from the list. The person it lists is not even close to the one I chose in the list.

do you have more than one Admin position?

Yes. I am Pack administer, Den administer, Key 3 delegate.

if you are pack admin you do not need den admin - not sure if that could be playing a part though

I’m both a Patrol and Unit admin, and a K3D, but I haven’t had any issues entering events at IA2. Unless it’s specific to the den admin role, it seems like something else may be going on.

ETA: One advantage to being both a Unit and Subunit Admin is that the Subunit Admins automatically show up in the adult leader invitee list for Subunit activities (e.g. patrol meetings), making satisfying the 2-deep leadership requirements for creating the event easier to implement (fewer clicks). It does have the trade-off of having more folks with Admin-level access (although in my case it’s the SM whose son is in the patrol I advise, so no net impact).

I deleted the Den administer positions off my profile. So Cubmaster, Pack admin, and Key3 delegate is all that’s left. I logged out Scoutbook and back in, then went to service log. Tried to add adult again. Still doing same thing. I click on the particular person to add to project and it added a different adult on the list.

what is the adult first initial , last name you are clicking

M. Kangas; it keeps putting J. Clements

same thing happens for me - except it’s when adding scouts. (i.e., it says 4 scouts added, but shows a list of 20+ names that were (not actually) clicked, only 4 of which were actually chosen, and some are duplicates.?!?!)

Was told this issue is fixed in Test environment - not sure on production release


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