Problems with Calendar and Payment Logs

11/10/2020- I get error codes when entering items in scout accounts, It gives an error code that the entry could not be completed. If I go out and come back in it is there. If you resubmit it without exiting you get the error again, exit and go in and it is there twice.
Trying to enter a calander event it will not let you save the event without a “valid map URL”.


What is the error you get from Payment Log?

Hopefully this image attached correctly.
The first image shows up if I try to enter a credit or debit. Once I click the X it freezes and I have to go back to the dashboard and go in again, it does complete the entry but acts like it doesn’t and makes you go all around just to find out it worked anyway.
The second image is when I delete an entry in the payment log, again it completes the deletion but acts like it doesn’t and kicks you the whole way out to the dashboard to have to come in again.

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