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Problems with Calendar Attendance

Following guidance from a couple of threads on the forums, I made one of our Troop’s primary ASMs the Outdoor Coordinator IOT facilitate tracking attendance at events/campouts/etc. Even after I placed him in that position, he still cannot update attendance for anyone other than himself and his son on the Scouting app. Is there another step I missed?

Also, in another thread it discussed that the SPL, ASPL, JASM, and Scribes could take attendance in the app. Do they need to have their own account and logon in the app?

@JohnBenedict - the scouting app is limited to a scout and their parent. In order to take unit attendance as a leader, it should be done via The SPL, ASPL, Scribe as youth can take attendance in the app.

Stephen, thanks. How does the app differentiate between the positions? Is it solely based on the Leadership position for each boy? For example, the ASM in question is also the father of one of our Scribes and all he can do is take attendance for him and his son. That leads me to believe that the Scout needs an account as well - correct?

@JohnBenedict - the scout would need to be invited via scoutbook to connect to their account and that is done by the respective parent.

Stephen, thanks for both prompt replies! I’m emailing the ASM now. Scoutbook is an amazing tool - some hiccups but amazing.

On a separate note, if you have invitees to an event, say a camping trip, and you take attendance why doesn’t that generate a camping log entry for that Scout? Do they have to RSVP?

@JohnBenedict - the attendance is not linked to anything other than that event. Either the adults or scouts if connected can make a log entry. I have usually made a quick entry of the event but always be mindful of the late attendees, or early outs.


Same thing here. Right now we are using TroopMaster but once our subscription runs out, I want to switch to Scoutbook. I have used Quick Entry for Camping trips and then gone back and adjusted Scouts that left early or arrived late.

Thanks again.


Stephen, even after going into on a laptop, the ASM still cannot update attendance for our most recent camping trip. There has to be another step I am missing - hopefully someone else can enlighten us.

@JohnBenedict - so when I go to an event in scoutbook, in the lower right of the list of scouts there is a box that say attendance. Click on that and I can mark those who were there. I trust that there were invitees on the event.

I’m not 100% sure that attendance can be entered by a generic ASM. Don’t they also need to have calendar access permissions, i.e. unit/subunit admin or a functional position such as secretary, activities chair, etc?

So, I have been testing using the Outdoor Activities Coordinator, and I think there is a bug with this position’s ability to take attendance. Try using the position of Secretary, instead, and see if that works.

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