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Procedures for youth aging from 17 to 18

All–I have a few Sea Scouts that are 17 and are turning 18 soon… what procedures (YPT training, Adult App, etc.) do we need to follow?

Talk to your council for guidance, but they should complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) and turn in a BSA adult application form as an adult participant. Make sure that they sign the criminal background check authorization.

Watch out when submitting the adult applications to make sure that all of their Scouts BSA advancement (if co-registered) is complete, appearing their accounts, and purchased. We had a couple of scouts who aged-out and submitted adult apps that went through before their Eagle rank/ palms hit the account, and that caused some kerfuffle for us.

Jennifer is correct. When they turn 18, they must complete youth protection and submit an adult application. The reason for the latter is primarily so that they consent to the background check, but in any case, they won’t be allowed to recharter with the ship until these are done.

Previous posts and national forms

Also note that in addition to the requirement for completing YPT and submitting an adult application, their position code will need to be changed to VP, which allows them to continue to participate as adult program participants - meaning that for program activities, they are treated as “youth” but for YP things such as sleeping and bathing, they are treated as “adults.”

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