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Process for Scouts BSA female for eagle rank extension

I have been trying to search these forums and other sources as well to understand the specific process that female Scouts BSA members need to follow to get and complete the eagle rank extension policy established last year. I have a scout in our new troop who turns 18 in April 2020 and she joined when the new unit was founded in June 2019.

The facts as I have understood them so far:

  1. Any scout, male or female, who is at least 16 as of February 1st, 2019, joining by December 31st, 2019, can apply for an eagle rank extension by December 31st, 2019.

  2. Application for the extension can be made by one of the key 3 through the dashboard in My.Scouting

She qualifies for #1 and I completed #2 last July and received 2 emails from the National Director, Garfield Murden, confirming the extension in July and October of 2019.

From my best understanding, the next step is:

  1. Complete an adult application for Unit Participant position when she turns 18, taking YPT.

My council just sent me an email that I need to fill out a paper eagle extension request form so I don’t think they are on the same page. I am hoping for a sanity check so that this process doesn’t get messed up for her by the clear as mud scouting bureaucracy.


I would reach out to your District Executive for clarification. Sounds like your local council needs some additional paperwork to fulfill what ever process they have developed to handle this circumstance. It is probably best to complete it so you have a paper trail when she submits her application.

My unit hasn’t dealt with this (we’re a boys’ troop), but I would also recommend reaching out to your DE to make sure everyone is on the same page. The DE can also be a powerful advocate with council in making sure that the paperwork goes to the right people in a timely fashion.

In any case, I would attach a copy of the pre-existing extension approval from Nationals to any paperwork submitted to council. That at least would ensure that the paper trail, at least as submitted, would include the existence of the extension approval by nationals. In the best-case, that could shorten the council review entirely to noting that Nationals already approved the extension.

Everyone remember:

“Ask you DE” is the adult equivalent of “Ask your SPL”


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It is applicable to Boy Troops too, the boy in question needed to register for the first time last year and be 16.

Good point! I had forgotten about that, since we didn’t have any who hit that sweet spot (if I can mischaracterize it that way).

Thank you everyone for the input. I am going to fill out the form from my council for the request as I am guessing that is needed for their own process. I am going to attach the confirmation emails to it as the supporting documentation so that should be that. The only thing I am not clear on is how to register the scout after she turns 18. She will need YPT and follow all the rules as an adult but does she need to register as an adult and, if so, as what position?

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This is definitely a question for your Registrar, but I believe the scout completes the adult form, including background check, completes YPT, but I believe registers as an adult unit participant. There’s some discussion here:

Remember the “Dogs … love … trucks!” commercial? Well, “Scouts … love … paperwork!”

All the best to your daughter!

The scout under extension does NOT need an adult application and YPT unless something has changed. While under an extension the scout remains a youth. (Helped an Eagle with an extension through the application and board last summer.)

So once again, at 18 you are an adult in bsa, plain and simple… except when you arent an adult in the bsa.

The rules about ypt are hard and fast except when bsa chooses to suspend them.

Thinking about this, the two are probably different. Was looking back at the G2A since some reasoning was mentioned. The scout I helped as in the category of “Registering Qualified Members Beyond Age of Eligibility.” In those cases the scout is not considered an adult which is part of the reasoning for the extension.

It may well be different for those who are just entering scouting. And that would make a lot of sense. A scout who is older than 18 because of some disability that renders said scout to not be “adult” enough is very different than granting extra time because they didn’t have the same opportunity.

I guess that hinges on how the individual is registered. The G2SS is pretty clear that Adult Program Participants must register as adults and comply with YPT.

This seems consistent with my understanding of how things work on the Venturing side of the house:


ETA: Missed @KirkWood’s most recent post. I would also expect that an extension associated with a developmental disability would tend to be treated differently than a neurotypical individual registering beyond age 18. The latter I would expect to be treated in a similar way to 18+ “youth” in the Venturing or Sea Scouting programs.

Again, please talk to your council. I do not know if it is a national requirement or one that varies from council to council (or state to state, in some cases), but some councils are requiring Scouts with time extensions to register as adult participants (similar to Venturers / Sea Scouts age 18-20), be current on YPT training, and get criminal background checks.


I’m actually beginning to wonder if the BSA’s introduction of the term “adult program participant” isn’t an effort to address the cognitive dissonance of referring to 18-20 year-olds as adults in some contexts and youth in others. Everyone who is 18 or older is an adult of some form. That group is subdivided into adult leaders and adult program participants.

@Bill_W’s post that I referenced above has some discussion from the July 2019 Registration Guidebook (I believe he provided a link) indicating that all participants in youth programs who are 18 or older must complete an adult application, background checks, and YPT.

The Registration Guidebook of the Boy Scouts of America written for council registrars is now listed at BSA Home > Resources > Scouting Forms from the National Council

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