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Profile is not syncing or showing up

I have this problem since 09/07/2020 while I was in the training center completing modules for my new position (District Member at Large). My primary profile since August 2016 has been with Western Los Angeles County Council. I have other positions including Troop Admin for Beverly Hills T 33 Boys. I also have a son who is a Scout. I went from having 30+ connections to 0 within 12 minutes of my login on 09/07/2020. I cannot even find nor connect with my son on Scoutbook. I have checked my primary profile is still showing on MyScouting.org. Everyone using Scoutbook still sees me as fully connected to them…but I can’t see me nor do I have any connections. I have written to my Council professional and they have asked me to reach out to Scoutbook directly for assistance. My council recently updated its MBC upload on 09/21/2020 and as I understand it, there was also a phase 1 upload sync from within SB by National.
Can someone “reset” my profile back to where/how it was prior to 09/07/2020?

will send you a private message to get data - look at avatar at top right to find it

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