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Last week my son moved from the Pack to the Troop. His Scoutbook account is linked to the Troop. But my Scoutbook account appears to be confined to the Pack, I can not see his events calendar, etc.

Greater Hudson Valley Council. Pack was 137, Troop is 437. My scout’s member ID is: 133692051.
My member ID is: 133692052

If It matters, I was an assistant den leader in the Pack, but am not yet a leader in the Troop. At the moment, all I’m interested in is getting the usual parent access to my scout.



You do have parental Full Control - it is just going to look a little different as a parent than a leader - go to Dashboard > click your Scout on LEFT side of screen to get to their profile.

Or click on Right side Unit to see events - if just crossed over Scout might not have been assigned to Events yet

I figured it out. I had to go into the settings of the calendar (gear icon) and add the calendars I wanted to see. I also removed my leadership roles from my profile.


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