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Proper Lion Rank Insignia/Badge

I’m a longtime scouter, but only recently back involved at the CS Pack level.
When we went to the scout shop recently to purchase the rank badges, the scout shop sold us Lion badges that are diamond shaped just like the Wolf/Bear/Bobcat/Tiger ones. This caught us off guard and we were told by the shop clerk that this is the new lion badge. However we can’t find any reference to this “new version” anywhere in BSA publications such as the insignia guide or anywhere else. Everything I can see in the BSA documentation is pointing to a rectangular lion badge worn beneath the other badges below the pocket. And it looks like that badge was a fairly recent addition in 2018.
The diamond shaped badges do have the official looking BSA backing. But it has a rolled edge stitch rather than the cut edge that the other CS rank badges have. When I google it, the only place I find it is on eBay. It’s not shown at scoutshop.org or in any BSA pubs I can find. Scoutshop.org shows the rectangular badge and that it’s a restricted item, indicating that it’s for rank.

If this diamond shaped badge is indeed the new version, how is it to be worn?

If this isn’t the official rank badge, why did the scout shop even have it?

Did we just have an ill informed scout shop clerk?

Scoutshop.org is showing the rectangular Lion rank patch. SKU is 646287

The badge you are describing sounds like the badge from the Lion pilot that concluded two years ago. It was replaced by the rectangular badge.

You guys are confirming what I thought. It looks like the store clerk was either ill informed, or trying to sell off old stock. This is the one they sold us:


Yes, that is from the pilot Lion program. The one my son earned years ago (he is in 8th grade now) had a loop to hang from the button so he just wore it that way.

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There are two ways to look at this.

General BSA policy is that when old insignia is deprecated that it continues to be valid for uniforming in perpetuity, and continues to be sold in scout shops until old stock is exhausted. As such there is no problem with what you received, and it will undoubtedly become a collectors item at some point.

The flip side is that some kids will feel slighted for having received the “old stuff”.

This is the same issue right now as with the wolf neckerchief being phased out from yellow to red.

The other side of the issue is that there is no place on the blue uniform for another diamond patch. There is space for Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear.

Can I get away with this lion badge (joke)?


I wonder if they originally planned to have the lion replace bobcat for kids starting in Kindergarten with older kids earning Bobcat first, and then ultimately changed their mind.

Have you never seen this orientation?


That would certainly take up a bit more space

Only in advertising and print graphics

I’ve seen that in a google search, but never on a uniform, or in an insignia guide.

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It’s not in the insignia guide for sure, but I’ve seen people do it. They used to do it when they used to have the diamond shaped Webelos patch.

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