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Protect Yourself Preview Adventure

I believe on Cubcast, they said the plan was for it to eventually replace the Cyberchip and that it may become a required adventure at each rank…though i could be mis-remembering.

Thanks, I’ll give that a listen now! I’m excited for preview adventures. She did say this adventure will likely become a required adventure for each rank.

It is only planned to replace the Cyber Chip in the future.

That seems odd to me. As it stands now there’s nothing about the internet in the “Protect Yourself Rules” adventure requirements for lion, tiger, wolf, or bear. Only webelos and aol have content about cyber bullying and protecting your identity online. However, every rank has the “protect yourself” rules (tell a grown-up, safe touch unsafe touch, stranger safety, doesn’t matter who it is, shout run tell, and hitting is wrong) which are basically the same content as the pamphlet.

The Cubcast podcast said (5:30) “the first will be a preview of a future required adventure in the youth protection area”

So even though the website says it can be earned in place of the Cyber Chip or as an elective (but not both), I would guess that won’t be the case by the time the next edition of the handbooks come out and it’s a required adventure.

“Protect Yourself” is planned to become a required adventure fully replacing Cyber Chip.

Wonder what they’ll do to replace CyberChip for the older scouts

I’ve not heard anything about plans to change it for the older scout program.