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Protect Yourself Rules Adventure

We were thinking about working on the new Protect Yourself Rules adventure with our new Tiger Scout (graduated Lion this year). We were wondering if by completing the adventure we could use that to mark the Bobcat and Tiger requirement for reviewing and talking about the abuse prevention guidelines for the year?

No, it is a replacement for cyber Chip, not the pamphlet exercises.

I thought it only replaces the cyber chip of the local organization chooses to do so, otherwise it’s an elective adventure.

So if we are doing it as an elective we are basically doing the same material three times for Bobcat, Tiger, and the adventure itself?

You do not need to do the pamphlet exercises twice in the same year. The first time doing it can count for both Bobcat and Tiger (or whatever rank they are on the first year they join post Lions).

Regarding overlapping material between Protect Yourself Rules and The pamphlet exercises, if you do both at the same time, you could potentially complete both assuming the activities you do literally met the requirements of both.

I’d heard that, but I find it confusing that this can replace Cyber Chip when there is no cyber component to the adventure until the Webelos level.


I had similar questions and confirmed directly with Anthony Berger, National director of Cub Scouting.

No way is it a replacement for the whole cyber chip. The ONLY part of the Cyber chip it covers is the PART A. The pamphlet. the new video is the same info as the pamphlet. It doesn’t cover what the cyber chip videos used to cover.

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While I agree with you in terms of scope of material covered, it appears that the BSA has taken the position that it may replace the Cyber Chip.

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