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Protect Yourself Rules loops & pins

Our Local scout shops are out of them and unable to get them restocked from national supply. Also, they’re out of stock on ScoutStuff. What are you all doing to acknowledge the Cub Scouts who earned them? Does BSA have a plan for an alternative?

Some people have made their own 3D printed type loops and pins on ETSY. You could do that. There are some for the modular adventures as well. Of course they’re not official. But I was told since this was a preview item they probably weren’t getting more. (They said that before though and more stock became available.)

Call me silly but Cyber Chip is outdated and this evidence:
The Data Is In: The Protect Yourself Rules Cub Scout Adventure Is Working - Bryan on Scouting tells me Protect Yourself is set to replace Cyber Chip.

Follow the money.

BSA doesn’t have the cash it wishes it needs to operate, it’s saving for the pending rainy day and they are prioritizing purchasing.

I’d like to see the 3d print file for this. BSA has really been disappointing in having a lack of decisiveness it really affects the kids who earn things. Unfortunately their isn’t a reliable library of 3d files for scouting.

The armed forces taught me adapt, improvise, overcome.

Let’s face it the Cyber Chip is dated and seemingly on its way out, being replaced by Protect Yourself.

The Protect Yourself pin for Webelos was wrongly renamed to Personal Safety last fall; recently the name was changed back.

Either are required for advancement so, adapt.

Complete the Protect Yourself and award them the Cyber Chip emblem. They’ll have a cool temporary award to hang from their right pocket.

Explain the reason and sell it.

I like it
Too easy

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