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Proxy voting at parent leader meetings

At parent / leader meetings, can votes be given by proxy? For example, if I am unable to make a meeting where there will be a vote, can I give a proxy to my wife to vote on my behalf, in addition to her vote?

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I think that’s up to your committee to decide your procedures.


Should there be a formal document that outlines this?

Some have them, but I think it’s unnecessary. My pack doesn’t vote on much. Almost everything is decided by discussion and consensus. Keep in mind that the CO and COR have the authority to make all the decisions. They can delegate that authority to the Committee Chair or the broader committee if they choose. Voting on every little thing can also hinder an individual from doing their assigned duties. I say let them do it their way.

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I agree for the most part except for items where there is a clear division of opinion where a democratic process is beneficial. Thanks.

Sure, the formal document is whatever your committee decides it is. You can make it as simple or as complex as you need.

In my experience, I’ve never needed anything more complicated that meeting minutes published to the committee.

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Your unit makes its own bylaws to handle such procedures. If you don’t have bylaws (1) you should, and (2) it’s probably up to your chartering organization.

I have sample unit bylaws if anyone would like them.

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@PaulMcDonald Can i get a copy of the sample unit bylaws?

PaulMcDOnald, we are in the process of rewriting our bylaws and would also approciate a sample. I have seen very basic one and very detailed one.


The pack I work with doesn’t have a formal rule. But generally any known wishes are considered at the meetings.

I also would greatly appreciate a copy of the bylaws. We’re a new Pack and have mostly gotten by on consensus for our first year. But we can’t always count on that working going forward and we need to have some set of concrete policies.

Greetings @PaulMcDonald

May I also have a sample copy of the bylaws? My email is Thank you!