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Purchase Order - Adding Firem'n Chit & Totem Chip


I am getting ready to purchase badges, ranks, etc. How can I add 30 of both the Firem’n Chit and Totem Chip awards to my purchase order? The scouts will be earning their awards during our camp outing this coming weekend.

Thank you.

Are you purchasing them before the campout? If so, you can add them to the Notes section of the Purchase Order.

If you are purchasing them after the campout, then I would recommend using Quick Entry.

Yes, I am purchasing them before the camp out. After adding them to the notes order, will it calculate my total cost?

Thanks for your help!

No, the only way for the Purchase Order to calculate total cost is if the items are actually in the Purchase Order – not in the Notes part of the PO.

Totin’ Chip emblems (patches) $1.79 x 30 = $53.70
Firem’n Chit emblems (patches) $1.99 x 30 = $59.70
Plus the pocket certificates.
Plus sales tax.

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