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Purchasing Woodbadge items

I have completed my Wood Badge Training course and am working my ticket. I have been interested in buying some of the WB items like the belt buckle and leather woggle. However scoutshop says some items are limited to purchase at a local store and only with proper documentation of completion. What items can I purchase before my ticket is complete? Which items after completion? What documentation is necessary to present to purchase items?

Well most courses (I believe) will present your taupe necker, beads and woggle when your ticket is complete and approved. As for the buckle and belt, hats, etc. My course sold them in the QM store. Now I am talking about the Patrol Belt Buckle not the bead/WB Sign one.

As I understand it, the tan neckerchief, leather woggle, and beads are awarded at the beading ceremony after the ticket is completed. As for the other stuff, that can be purchased during the course, but I’ve also found the online woodbadge shop that appears to sell most of the same items, including the belt buckles!


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