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Pushing 18th birthday

So I have a Scout REALLY pushing it. here is what I cannot understand from the GTA - Does the workbook fall into the 90 day grace period? or is the Workbook part of the Project and has to be finished before the 18th birthday? I know the Application falls into the grace period. The way the GTA is ordered I read it as both falling into the grace period.

our advancement guy at council sees it as I see it - as it is paperwork that falls in grace period. and is not part of the project itself to be signed in #5 - since it says “You must use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, BSA publication No. 512-927, in meeting this requirement” - it does not say (for signature) “you must complete the workbook”

My rule #1: Don’t ask for a rule.
Listen to your council advancement chair. Help your scouts wrap up their work. Move on.
My general advise to 16 and 17 year olds is the consequence of pushing deadlines is that you put your destiny in other people’s hands. If someone doesn’t sign off on one thing like someone reviewing your paperwork thinks they should, you have no margin to correct this. You become dependent on someone else’s good graces.


Take a look at Guide to Advancement section: “Use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook“

If it is clear the project was completed and approved of, and meets Eagle Scout requirement 5 as it is written, then the project should be considered. If it will be a hardship, or a poor use of time to fill in missing information or obtain a signature of a party who is unavailable or by some other means known to have approved it, then it is appropriate to accept it. There is something to be said for “object lessons,” but keep in mind that write-ups and signatures, though important, are simply supportive. Note that project report signatures need not be dated before the Scout’s 18th birthday. It is a project that we require. Boards of review should use common sense: Did the project meet the requirements or not? Was there planning and development? Was there leadership of others?


That’s good advice. It’s not the advancement chair’s Eagle Rank; it’s the advancement chair’s volunteer, one-hour-per-week side gig.

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