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Question about BSA's Agender/Non-Binary policy

I am trying to work with our local school district to permit Scout recruiting in schools. Recruiting has not been permitted because the scouts, in times past, were not in compliance with the district’s LGBTQA policy. They district is not aware of the changes in the program since 2014, so I am updating them in the hopes of getting them to put us on their approved community organizations list.

The one issue I foresee is that, while Scouting is now an inclusive activity for LGBT and Q youth and leaders, the policy on agender and non-binary people is unclear. What is the BSA policy for agender and non-binary youth and what units are they allowed to join?

the simple answer is you will not get the answer - there is a policy but it is not a published policy - best to talk to your Scout executive.

I see. That’s… really disappointing

I would reach out to your district executive or your council exec for the most current information. The last update I saw was ~2017, and related primarily to transgender youth. Because of the age of the document, it reflects that girls were not yet allowed in the Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA (then still Boy Scout) programs.

So I got ahold of my DE and got the following info:

1.) We register all youth according to their self-identified gender
2.) A scout is Courteous, so we refer to all participants by their preferred pronouns
3.) A non-binary youth of Cub age is best served by a family pack
4.) A non-binary youth of Scouts BSA age would have to choose whether to serve in a Boy troop or a Girl troop
5.) The BSA is aware that point 4 is a challenge for non-binary youth, and discussions have been had, but no policy update is imminent.


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