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Question about scout repeating a grade

We have a Lion scout who is repeating Kindergarten. He will turn 6 before the school year starts. His parents prefer him to move on with his friends to Tiger program. But in reviewing the BSA requirements (below), will he be required at some point to sit out a year or audit a year? Will the BSA refuse to register him for a rank if he does not meet the grade requirement? Thank you.

Lion. For youth who are kindergarten age.
Bobcat. Earned first by all Cub Scouts except Lions, no matter when they join.
Tiger. For youth who have completed kindergarten or are 7 years old.
Wolf. For youth who have completed first grade or are 8 years old.
Bear. For youth who have completed second grade or are 9 years old.
Webelos. For youth who have completed third grade or are 10 years old.
Arrow of Light. For youth who have completed fourth grade

For the scout, the key factor about what rank to be in is what age will they be when they finish the typical AoL year. If a scout finishes AoL, but is both too young and has not finished fifth grade, then they wait to join Scouts BSA - not an ideal situation. Things work best when the scout is 10 1/2 when s/he finishes AoL sometime around the middle of the school year and can immediately join a Scouts BSA troop. Most bridging occurs between November and February. Webelos that turn 11 before finishing tend to get bored with Cub activities; they are ready for the challenge of Scouts BSA and they can just join.

Continuing with his friends keeps him in the timeline to finish his AoL when he is 10 1/2, perfect for joining a troop.

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So these ages are for completing the rank not starting it?

I don’t think it will be an issue - it is common enough

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Hi, @HarlanHeiber,

From the 2019 Guide to Advancement (pg. 18):


So, it looks like the BSA doesn’t have a mandate on this one way or the other.


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