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Question About The ScoutStrong PALA Challenge conflict with the GSS

I was reviewing the Personal Fitness Merit Badge Section on “ScoutStrong” PALA challenge and went to the page with the information:

ScoutStrong PALA Challenge

Here’s the question: There are BSA recommended activities that are clearly contradictory to the GSS such as Karate and Kickboxing.

I fully realize the GSS speaks about Troop or Pack ran activities but someone new to the program could look at this pamphlet and set up a Physical Fitness themed event using prohibited activities.

I didn’t event see any asterisks offering any cautions which surprised me.

I’m not trying to stir up anything as most Scouters know the rulebook well enough to see this but it’s a curiosity I wanted to share as an FYI.

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The ScoutStrong awards are going to be discontinued effective 12/31/2020, so I don’t think the BSA will spend the time to update the materials.

Unlike the ScoutStrong Healthy Unit award, the ScoutStrong PALA award is an individual award. The intent is to encourage daily physical activity (of many different types) and healthy eating. Units would not be playing football, karate, kickboxing, etc. (IAW the Guide to Safe Scouting) as part of unit activities, but if the Scout does these activities on his or her own, they can count towards the ScoutStrong PALA award.

Ah…Another reason to change the pamphlet so you will have to buy a new one…Ha Ha

Are there ScoutStrong pamphlets? I haven’t seen any.

Matt, in the Personal Fitness MB Pamphlet, it links you to the page that I gave in my OP. I don’t know if there are any in print but since @JenniferOlinger noted in this thread that the program is being dropped this year I would be surprised if there any out there.

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There are online guides for the SCOUTStrong award programs:


I am not sure if there are separate pamphlets that you can purchase at Scout shops.

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