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Question for Communication MB Counselors: Requirement 8

I know this is up to the Scout’s counselor, but I wanted to see general opinion on here.

Our May Court of Honor was done virtually via zoom, and we had technical difficulties. It went fine, but we had to do some last minute changes and the MC’s brother (a scout in our brother troop) had to step in and do the lighting ceremony, because the Scouts had huge zoom issues and lagging. They did it well, and for a zoom COH, it was actually pretty great.

If the MC for the fall Court of Honor was able to splice together a video of the Court of Honor, instead of doing it live, would you count it? She would still plan, do the program, and act as MC, she would just record everything (and ask the individual participants to record their portions). Then we would share the video live instead of a Zoom presentation.

That way, she could also add in pictures of those receiving the awards. In the spring we got the awards to the Scouts ahead of time and then cut to them receiving the award. My son, who ran production and made all of those cuts happen will be away at college and unable to help with that this time.

All of this would be only if she would prefer to do it this way, because it is honestly more work for her than doing it live.

I am just curious if you feel this meets the heart of it, because I know part of the experience is being live. But, since the “audience” is a camera anyway, zoom is already different than live.

Let me know your thoughts.


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I’d absolutely approve that! The requirement is to:

  • Plan the event: She’s doing that, and it’s actually more complex than a face-to-face COH.
  • Get the PLC approval for it: Should be the same as normal, no problemo here.
  • Write the script and prepare the programs: Shes’ still doing that, though the “programs” may be a web page or online presentation (see my note downstream about that…)
  • Be the MC: She’s still the person kicking off the COH, and it’s probably not that big a change (other than the live aspect you mentioned). She’s still introducing the people in the videos, and handling the transitions from one topic to another.

Regarding the programs: if she’s interested, she could knock out all of requirement 6 for Digital Technology at the same time. Req 6 is about 90% of the work for that merit badge, too.

  • 6c: Using a graphics program… create a flier for an upcoming troop event, incorporating text and some type of visual such as a photograph or an illustration. Here’s your COH program
  • 6d: Using a presentation software program, develop a report about a topic approved by your counselor. For your presentation, create at least five slides, with each one incorporating text and some type of visual such as a photograph or an illustration. Here’s your COH presentation
  • 6e: Using a digital device, take a picture of a troop activity. Send or transfer this image to a device where the picture can be shared with your counselor. Here are photos and videos of what the Troop has done over the past few months.

This is great info! Thank you!

absolutely. i’ve been running this badge near-daily with scouts who have worked on the prereqs on their own. if they demonstrate that they did something virtually (attend a meeting, COH/Campfire), for sure i’m good w/it. Scouting has to continue - this may be the new world - anything we can do to keep things going!

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