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Question on awarding Eagle Palms

So a while back BSA changed the requirements for Eagle Palms, allowing a Scout to earn palms when they earn Eagle if they already have the merit badges completed. Apparently Scoutbook hasn’t been updated? I tried to enter a palm for one of my Scouts and I couldn’t, pop up said I have to wait three months. Is there a work around or a plan to address this? His court of honor is Sunday, and while I can certainly award him the palm, I would like our records to reflect the award as well.

Hi, @ChristopherSchultz,

If you set the date of the Eagle Palm completion to match the date of the Eagle BoR, then the system will accept it. I’ve done it for several of our scouts who hit Eagle with a number of palms worth of “extra” merit badges.

Awesome, that worked! Thank you very much.

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