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Question on Cyber Chip

Looking for some guidance with an advancement question, and I haven’t been able to get any help from my usual contacts. I have a scout that’s currently in 8th grade, and he’s recharged his cyber chip every year. He’s now at the point where he is asking for a sign off on it for Star Rank. He earned the 6-8 grade cyber chip initially, so would he have to go through all of the requirements again in order to get the sign off for Star? Technically, he already earned it, and has kept it up to date. Thoughts?

if it is recharged he is good (I hate the CC)

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Remember that you cannot add or subtract or change any requirement from any rank/merit badge/advancement. be sure he completes it how it is worded. if he has already earned it once a recharge might be ok but make sure its completed by the way its worded in the scout handbook.

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