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Question on Requirement #6 for Star

If a scout has review the Child abuse pamphlet and earned their cyber chip, prior to completing 1st Class, do they need to re-do this again or can this get signed off on as soon as they do it as a scout. There seems to be some back and forth in my troop about this.

it says do cyberchip for the Grade you are in - if the Scout has the CC for that grade and it is “Charged” I sign it off


Yeah, I look at it as three cases:

  1. The scout does not have a current Cyber Chip. Scout must earn/recharge the Cyber Chip for his or her current grade.
  2. The scout has a current Cyber Chip, but it is for the previous grade level (e.g. earned/recharged as an 8th grader, not yet expired, now going for Star as a 9th grader). The scout must earn the Cyber Chip for his or her current grade level.
  3. The scout has a current Cyber Chip for his or her current grade level. Scout gets requirement signed off.

ETA: I realized that I had omitted any reference to reviewing the pamphlet. That was intended to be implied, but wasn’t clear.

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The Guide to Advancement says: Scouting Ranks and Advancement Age Requirements
All requirements for Star, Life, and Eagle, except for those related to merit badges, must be fulfilled after the successful completion of a board of review for the previous rank.

To me, this indicates that the Scout needs to review the how to prevent child abuse pamphlet exercises with a parent / guardian. If the Scout could count what he or she previously did for Scout rank, then this requirement would have no meaning for Star rank.

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I believe the Cyberchip functions regardless of the scoutng level. From the website - https://www.scouting.org/training/youth-protection/cyber-chip/grades-9-12/

  • Note: All Cyber Chips will expire annually. Each Scout will need to go to Netsmartz and complete 2 new resources to recommit to net safety and netiquette. Then, with the unit leader, the Scout can add the new date to the Cyber Chip card or certificate.

In other words, it is an annual requirement. If they got it when First class over a year ago, they need to ‘refresh’ it by watching more videos (think YPT training). If they got it within the year than it counts for Star, as well as Digital Life MB, Programming MB, etc.

Without splitting hairs - it should be noted that requirement #6 is the one Star requirement that does NOT specify that you have to earn it as a First Class scout except for the Merit Badges. And like the Merit Badges it does not matter, imho, when you got it as long as it is up to date.


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Question on Star Rank cyberchip. The requirement #4 states:

As an individual or with your patrol, use the EDGE method and to teach Internet safety rules, behavior, and “netiquette” to your troop or another patrol. You are encouraged to use any additional material and information you have researched. Each member of the patrol must have a role and present part of the lesson

I have a Scout that earned the CC in Cub scouts and recharged it as well. He is currently working on his Star Rank. He did a presented a video on internet safety and a Kahoot on internet safety to to his troop via Zoom. He was told he did not meet the criteria for signoff because his patrol did not participate. Am I reading it wrong that you can’t earn it alone?

You are reading it right. The last sentence is to ensure that if two or three in the patrol do all the work, the whole patrol doesn’t get credit for it.

The requirement specifically says this can be done as an individual.

Thank you for the replies. Now to convince his Scoutmaster and ASM that he met the requirements even if performed individually.

If the scout earned the CC in cubs, surely it was the one for grades 4-5. And presumably that scout working on Star is now in grade 6 or higher? The scout will need to earn the CC for the correct grade, not just re-charge the one earned previously.

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That is for the reply. Makes sense and I would then assume since grades 6-8 have the same information subsequent grades would be the recharge.

Yep, and the requirements for grades 6-8 and 9-12 are identical in practice, even though they’re worded just a bit differently.

I don’t know that I agree with that, @SteveCagigas. Most of the requirements are functionally identical, like #1, #2, #3 for grades 6-8 vs #4 for grades 9-12, and #5 for grades 6-8 vs #6 for grades 9-12.

However, requirement #4 at the grades 6-8 level isn’t quite the same as requirement #5 at grades 9-12. The latter is specific that the scout use the “student project kit”, while the former doesn’t require it. A scout could, I believe, choose to use the student project kit at the grades 6-8 level, but couldn’t be required to do so.

As a Scoutmaster, this is a bad requirement. While its intent is admirable, it is poorly written and consumes to much effort to complete and then recharge every year.

Cyber Chip only needs to be recharged if a Scout needs it for rank or a Merit Badge. Other than that, there is no requirement a Scout keep the Cyber Chip recharged.

That’s good because we opted to not recharge annually a long time ago. Can you point me to where it’s written that recharging works for Star. The requirement says to earn it for your grade. Doesn’t mention recharge.


If a Scout earns Cyber Chip for their grade for Scout then completes first class in under a year (cyber chip still active), I immediately sign off Cyber Chip (assuming the Scout did not move from Grade 8 to Grade 9). If it has been more than 1 year but the Scout has not move from Grade 8 to Grade 9, I only ask the Scout to recharge their Cyber Chip. The only time I ask a Scout to earn Cyber Chip again is when the move from Grade 8 to Grade 9 before starting Star or a Merit Badge that requires non-expired Cyber Chip.

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