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Question on Web and AOL not being marked as received, when scout has award pins

My daughter is going into her second year as a Scout. I was reviewing her Scoutbook and wanted to see what she did as an AOL since she joined while in 5th grade. None of her AOL/WEB is showing, except the AOL patch and her AOL Arrow needs to be replaced.

Would I need to notify the Council or who?

For youth who have moved from Cub Scouts/Webelos to a Scouts BSA troop, their Cub Scout advancement doesn’t display.

To get a report of what was done, go to My Dashboard -> My Family -> Reports -> Cub Scout History Report

I would suggest calling your local scout shop to see if they will accept a copy of that report to get a duplicate patch/pin. I would probably also bring any award card if it was presented, just as “supporting documentation”, although I wouldn’t expect it to be needed.

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