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In your opinion is it an easy transition. for an 15 year old Eagle Scout to start venturing?

Really depends on both the Scout and the Unit - most Venture units are not into advancement and that can throw some high achiever Scouts off. But most units are HUGE on leadership, which alot of Scouts love.

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ok thank you. My son would like to get the highest venture award but he really just wants to do more High Adventure stuff.

HA is venturing - Summit is a high prize and I wish him the best - he should get first rank in about 60 minutes (I wish Scout rank was as easy as Venture rank)

thank you very much.

I have to say “do it” – I wish that all moy co-workers had gone through the Venturing program!

The big difference is there is a lot less micro management. Earn awards, don’t earn them. Most advisors are okay either way.
Find us a sweet spot to camp (or shoot or ride … whatever the crew does) and we’ll sing that venturer’s praises all day long.

It sounds like your scout is up for the challenge. Hope he finds a crew who suits his interests.

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