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Where did it go?? I know that I have used it int he past.

It still appears for me. My first guess is that you’re position somehow became unapproved behind the scenes. Try going to My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> Your name, then click through to your relevant position(s) and click on the red Update button. If you’re not a unit admin, you may have to get a unit admin to do this for you.

Where does is appear?

@MichelleMahler1 - which quick entry ? Just a bit more detail than what has been provided would go a long way in helping you.

Merit Badge Quick Entry

Are you referring to the “Quick Entry for MB Counselors”? If so, that is part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook. It will show up on My Dashboard, but you probably need to go to your main troop page, first.

Referring to Quick Entry for everything including RANK. You used to be able to do that.

Quick Entry is still visible on the main troop page and patrol pages. Quick Entry has an option for rank requirements, but not just rank overall. If you cannot see Quick Entry, if might be because of your positions / roles in Scoutbook or because of your connections to the Scouts in the troop / patrol.

How do I correct that? I am the Advancement Chair.

perhaps a screenshare to see what is going on - post here if you want me to set one up and I can Direct Message you

Which Screen should I share?

I can take a look at your Screen and Scoutbook - I will send you a Direct Message - you will see it in top right corner on your “M” avatar

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