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Quick Merit Badge Entry

How do I enter multiple merit badges with multiple dates for one scout in the quick entry. Just had about 200 merit badges to enter at summer camp to generate a PO for purchase and i found the process very tedious. Even if I tried entering by merit badge type I could only enter in one date at a time. Not all scout received the same merit badge on the same day. Dates in scout book need to reflect blue card dates.

If the camp uses Black Pug/scoutingevent.com and provides a csv file with the completed MBs, you can use the feature assistant extension to upload them.

I am trying to approve a Scout for his merit badge, but my “Position” says I resigned 6/5/19??? This box needs to be black so I show as still active as a Merit Badge Counselor. I tried to change it - but a pop up says I need to contact council to change position. I called SWFL council - they say to contact Scoutbook direct by they don’t have access to this site. HELP?

Hi, @TinaGerry,

I suspect that you were already listed as a MBC on Scoutbook through your unit, when your council uploaded their MBC lists. I had my MBC position ended when that happened in my council, even though I am listed in good standing. See a related discussion of that issue here. To date, my council hasn’t managed to figure out how to remedy this issue. I know it happened to every MBC in my unit, since we had entered everyone’s MBC positions and “listed” MBs, based on my contact with council to verify their current registration for those badges. It was a rather bitter pill to find out that all of that work was undone when they uploaded the lists.

Yep sounds like Council uploaded an MBC list - that is why I told mine not to do it

For councils with annual registration of MBCs, what happen at mid-year renewal time when MBC registration expires and the renewal application is processed? Does Scoutbook use the old expire date?

Hopefully councils are waiting until annual membership renewal is entered before creating a new MBC file to upload to Scoutbook.

If the councils are doing the right thing, the lost of individual MBC data appears to be Scoutbook bug which should be reported as a bug.

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