Quick Nav shows a new troop

When I use the quick nav it shows a troop number I am not registered in. Troop 839 is not one of my troops. If I click on it takes me to troop 320 info.

Quick Nav has never worked and will not be fixed - I suggest not using it

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Likely its there because you are a MBC for a Scout on that Troop

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@DonovanMcNeil I use it quite a bit and have never had a problem. I was surprised to see the other troop number.

@GaryFeutz I am MBC, but not for anyone in that troop.

@CD32 - you most likely were connected to a youth that is currently in that unit. Check you My connections section under My Account

@Stephen_Hornak I have counseled 10 scouts all
In our troop. No one else. Checked my connections and it’s just our scouts

@CD32 - a mystery, but certainly the Quick Nav is not of much value

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