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Random Advancement Review Button

I think it would be cool to have a button on the site and app that, once you click and chose your current rank, an advancement requirement(scouts rank or lower) would pop up and the scout can then review that requirement. It would be a fun way for scouts to stay sharp on their skills. A scoutmaster might even suggest that between meetings, each scout generate and review a requirement, and then talk about it at the following meeting.

Are you suggesting that it would be a random incomplete requirement? Or something the scout has already completed? How would it be chosen?

It would be already completed…for review purposes. It would just be a way to review and challenge the scout. The computer would randomly select a requirement at or below the rank of the scout.

If a scout completed the requirement why retest. The experience of scouting itself would be the test of skills learned and knowledge gained. I am also trying to wrap my mind around how involved this would be as it would require bots to operate for each user context. Not so sure about this one.


Not a retest and not required. Just a way for the scout to challenge himself.

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