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Range Master/ Scout Ratio

Is there a limit to how scouts can attend a shooting event per range master?

I think it is a ratio to the number of active shooters - if that is what you are asking - and I do not 100% know number so will not answer

There may be some info here:

Based on NCAP standards it’s 8 scouts to 1 leader that has gone through the shooting sports training.

8 scouts on the firing line?

Yes, just confirmed with NCAP standards. SQ-407, page 198 of 368 can be seen here: https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/2021-NCAP-Standards-430-056-Official-1.pdf

I guess it pays off to read the rules :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m mostly curious, since our arrowmen keep mentioning the idea of a shooting activity at one of our service weekends.

Digging through the NCAP standards seems to always leave me more confused than I started, though.

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That is certainly the case, seems like more lawyers than outdoorsmen running things these days. Bottom line, as long as you have a certified range master (scouts BSA) you can run shooting sports. That range master could also train a few other adult leaders in all of the same safety guidelines which would allow for more scouts on a line at any given time.

Cub Scouts are only allowed to do shooting sports at district & council events. No matter if they have a range master or not.

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No, you need 2 people.

Q: What type of training do I need to help my Scout troop take youth to a shooting day at a local range or at our Scout camp?
A: You need to be an NRA certified instructor in the discipline with which you plan to help. NRA certifications in rifle, pistol, shotgun, or muzzle loading rifle, or NRA shotgun coach or rifle coach would be necessary. You must also have an NRA range safety officer certification for the person who is running the range. There must be two separate people running your event. The trainer is an NRA certified training counselor. You can find this person in your local council or by calling the NRA. You can also find more information in the Shooting Sports Manual in the sections regarding training.”


It also needs to be at a council approved range as well. If it is not a commercial range then an NRA Master Trainer will need to come out and inspect and approve the range. You cannot just go out to Jon Doe’s Field and shoot with your troop.


Cub Scouts - You don’t need 2 trained range masters though. I’ve never been to a single event that has more than 1 trained range master running a shooting range.

You have to have an NRA instructor and an NRA RSO to open the range (Scouts BSA). Cub Scouts is different.

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Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.

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so me and my NRA Instructor were talking - he is rifle/shotgun - can he do BB also? he did not know

If you don’t get an answer here, I did email the national shooting sports committee (like off of one of the National pages) a question. They responded in a month or 2. So, slow, but I was very happy to get a response.

No he has to take the cub rangemaster training every 2 years for it. At least that is my understanding.

Confirmed, training is every 2 years.

It depends on what activities were covered during his training. Scouts typically covers BB’s, Archery & Slingshot. NRA gets involved with the rifle/shotgun/pistol. Although some NRA can also train BB’s since it’s similar to a rifle.

IT depends on the shooting dicipline. for the scouts bsa group it is 8:1 for per instructor for rifle, 1:1 for shotgun. Each dicipline needs to also have a range saftey officer. you must also follow ypt guidelines.

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