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Rank Advancement & Merit Badge Cards

Has anyone created a template that will print rank advancement cards and merit badge cards in publisher like was done for cub scouts? I loved it in cubs and would love something similar for boy scouts too.

Rank and Merit Badge pocket certificates are copyrighted by the BSA. Printing your own version of them violates the BSA Copyright.

Ed, I think the question is about a tool to print the names and information on purchased cards. Bill

Printing support for Merit Badge cards was apparently added four years ago:

Printable Certificate Templates

Tonight we launched the bulk pocket certificate card printing feature for merit badges. Print all your merit badge cards from your mobile device or computer!

Supports printing on official Boy Scout™ Merit Badge Pocket Certificate, 8 pack SKU #33414 . Order yours from today or pick up from your local Scout shop.

If you have more than 8 merit badges, Scoutbook automatically prints on multiple pages so you can print all your awards in one step.

This new feature can be found on the Purchase Order page. It only shows when you have merit badges on the PO.

Printing on several Cub Scout program forms are also supported per the legacy Printing Pocket Certificates change log.

I have not found something for Scouts BSA or other program ranks. Are those suppose to be letter size certificates?

Scoutbook does not print rank pocket certificates for Scouts BSA. There is a request to do so in the backlog.

The original request was for pocket certificates for Scouts BSA in Microsoft publisher which was done for Cub Scouts. These printed the entire card on plain card stock, not on pre-printed cards purchased from the BSA.

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There is a PDF template

You can get the perforated cards from the Scout Shop for printing.

The “33414(18) Fillable.pdf” online fillable template form is for the pocket Merit Badge award sheets. The fillable PDF looks like:


only prints the hand entered text:


Each field on the template must be manually entered. The “council” and other non-individual fields do not automatically repeat entered data.

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