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Rank Awarding

We have a Scout who has earned rank, but, has not been awarded yet. S/he is seeking to switch Ships. IMO, rank is rank, thus, does not matter where its earned as long as the requirements are met and signed-off. If I’m wrong, let me know.

Can the new Ship award the rank, or, does the Scout need to get the rank awarded from within the Ship where it was earned?

There are two things here, one is getting credit for the rank (via scoutbook/internet advancement), the other is someone handing out the patch and/or card. The ship where she earned the rank needs to credit her record for it - ideally by entering in scoutbook. If s/he has already transferred, then they should fill out an advancement report or otherwise provide documentation to the new ship so that they can credit it appropriate. This is the important part, it doesn’t matter much who hands out the patch as long as someone does it.

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