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Rank Badge is improperly called a Award

Compare earning Webelos to earning Arrow of Light

Go to a Scouts profile. The view where you see all their past advancement items and awards in picture format

Webelos: it says name, Den, current rank is Bear and they’re working on the
Webelos Badge with a percentage

Look at someone who has finished the Webelos Badge
name, den, current rank is Webelos
and they’re earning the Arrow of Light Award with a percentag

If a Scout joins as a 5th grader they don’t end Cub Scouts as the rank of Bobcat
Arrow of Light has been a rank badge since 2015. The term is wrong in Scoutbook, the status is correct

Are you referring to the Arrow of Light tooltip on a Scout’s profile page? Or something else?

Scout Shop catalog error

The Scout Shop adds to the confusion?

Cub Scout Webelos Arrow of Light Knot
Item: 5018
The Arrow of Light award is the highest Cub Scout award available. The award goes to Cub Scouts who have completed the Webelos rank and prepares them to become Boy Scouts. Arrow of Light is its own rank, marking a milestone in a Cub Scout’s growth.

The square knot badge is worn by adults, not youth.


The governing document for Cub Scouting advancement appears to be:

  • Guide to Advancement, 33088, ISBN 978-0-8395-3088-6, ©2021 Boy Scouts of America, 2021 Printing, 96 pages, PDF

which refers to both Webelos and Arrow of Light as ranks. Webelos and Arrow of Light

Just as with the previous ranks, Cub Scouts complete a specified number of Adventures as they earn the Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks. The mix of required and elective Adventures for the Webelos rank and for the Arrow of Light rank is fully explained in the Webelos youth handbook. …

For more notes see page 19 of guide.

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