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Rank dates wrong for youth in Scoutbook

I have a volunteer who has a youth listed as earning their Life rank Feb. 6, 2019. In his My.Scouting profile and his ScoutNet profile, it lists Star as being earned February 6, 2019. Because of this, it will not allow them to enter his Life rank with the correct date. It also lists Star as being earned Feb. 7th - AFTER Life.

How can this be corrected? Who can I speak to about help for this?

Is the rank listed as Approved by “BSA Administrator” in Scoutbook when you look at the audit data, or did one of the unit leaders enter the wrong date?

Historically, we’ve been able to correct incorrect data entry by:

  1. Unchecking the leader approved box under the overall rank, then saving.
  2. Unchecking the Completed box under the overall rank, then saving.
  3. Correcting the underlying date error for the rank requirement(s), then saving.
  4. Re-doing the Completed date correctly and save.
  5. Rechecking the Leader Approved box, and saving.
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This is great! Is this done by the unit or by me (I am the DE for the unit) in an admin screen?

@WilliamScanlan1 - this would be done by a unit admin.

Perfect!! Thank you, all!

@WilliamScanlan1 - you are very welcome. Happy Holidays and be safe.

The same to you! Thank you!

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