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Rank requirements PDF

When my older son bridged up to his troop, we found a PDF from BSA that was a duplicate of the rank requirements in the back of the Boy Scout Handbook. Each page of the rank requirements was on one page in the PDF, making it easy to print it off on letter-size paper for him to keep in a 3-ring binder and take notes on.

My younger son just recently bridged up, so we wanted to do the same thing with the latest version of the Scouts BSA rank requirements. However, all we can find now is the PDF that is designed to be printed duplex and make a booklet. We really want each rank requirements page to be one page in a PDF, like the old requirements PDF. The current version is available here:

Is there a PDF with the current Scouts BSA rank requirements available in the “old” page format?


Is this what you’re looking for?

We were hoping for the PDF that’s the duplicate of the pages in the back of the handbook. It’s easier for a pre-teen to correlate the printed pages to his handbook. These links will likely be our fallback if we can’t find the other PDF.

Yeah, I’m only aware of the ones to which I linked and the booklet-style insert from the prior years to which you linked. Not that my non-awareness is probative of nonexistence, of course. :wink:

Similar to this except updated to the most current version (when you click on the link, it says May 2019 Printing):

Click on the words not the date. It will open the current requirements.

@BenjaminWard When you click on the words, you get the current requirements, but what DaveBoring is looking for is the format that you see when you click on the date.

He is looking for sign off inserts that match the format of the handbooks.

The BSA produced updated pages for the handbooks a few years ago when requirements changed. I have not seen similar pages for the recent rank requirements.

Yes, like that. But where each page from the handbook is its own page in the PDF, like the PDF that was created for the 2016 handbook.

Maybe a new PDF will be created soon with the updated 2021 requirements, and one handbook page per PDF page… :crossed_fingers:

@DaveBoring I think understand what you’re referring to now.

There was an insert that they used to publish. I don’t think I’ve seen it updated since 2017, but it looked like this:

2017 rank requirements printable insert.pdf (3.2 MB)

@JenniferOlinger That’s exactly what I’m looking for, but with current requirements.

You can use the Rank Workbooks located at


They come in a PDF format and a WORD format and they have a fill in the blank. And they can be filled in online

There is nothing being made like this for 2021. Other than https://i9peu1ikn3a16vg4e45rqi17-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/3321621-Scouts-BSA-Rank-Requirements_FPO1v2.pdf

You could scan the handbook pages to create your own. There are many phone apps that will let you take a picture of something and convert it to a pdf file. I’ve used Microsoft Lens because my school is all Microsoft, but there are others.

The document that is desired is the print mock up of the new pages. RobynRussotto is correct that the best method to recreate that is to scan the pages to PDF.

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