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(Re)Charter Break Down


I’m looking for a breakdown as to how national dues are applied per scout. An example would be $xx.xx goes towards insurance on each scout, $12.00 Scoutbook, etc. Is there an infographic I can share with my Pack? I’ve inherited a pack and disarray. We’re still trying to figure things out.

Thank you!

@ERINBIELECKI - you may want to check your council web site or with your District Executive or commissioner. Our council published it to all units.


You are looking for that for the $72. I have not seen that for the core $72.

I just wish I could better explain it to the parents. I don’t really understand myself.

@ERINBIELECKI - here is how one council explained it:

For my council the recharter is:
72 - national
66 - council service fee
12 - scouting life

50 - adult

75 - recharter fee


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