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Re-Establishing Parent Connection After Transfer to New Council

How to fix this please: We have a Scout that has transferred in from another Council, they are propeorly registered with us now and appear on SB. Mom is on SB as a parent but when I look in Volunteer Support Tools, her connection that is established is under their previous Council. I would imagine that connection has to be broken somehow and she has to re-establish under HTC. How do I tell her to do that? She wrote: I"‘m trying to get Pack 555 started in Scoutbook, and when I go login to log adventures for my daughter, Collyns Thomas (137105263), it loops me back to the opening page. My navigation is as follows: Login My Dashboard Collyns Collyns’ Advancement Wolf This is where the trouble lies. When I select an activity, it loops me back to the Dashboard page."

So are you Council Staff with the Tools?

Yes. Registrar as well.

I will direct message you - look in top right avatar to find it

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