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Reading Merit Badge requirements need updated

The Reading Merit Badge still has the 2004 requirements listed in Scoutbook, not the requirements that were updated as of Jan 1, 2020. We have scouts working on this merit badge and need to be able to record completion of the current requirements.

Starrla Craig

There is a version year toggle at the top of the merit badge requirements, Have you selected the 2020 version year?

Were the Scouts already working on the Reading merit badge prior to the new requirements coming out? If so, they have the option to continue using the old (2004) requirements or they can choose to switch to the new (2020) requirements (Guide to Advancement section What to Do When Requirements Change).

No, they just recently started the merit badge.

OK, it sounds like someone selected the 2004 version year instead of 2020.

If any requirements are marked as completed in Scoutbook, then the toggle to select the version year will be hidden. After the requirement completion dates are removed in Scoutbook, the toggle will reappear.

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That was it! I removed the completed requirement and the toggle switch showed back up. Thank you so much!

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