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Reading Merit Badge

I am thinking of doing the reading merit badge virtually. I know it would be a partial due to the library visitation. I have not taught this one as of yet. Was wondering if anyone has a presentation they would be willing to share?

Hi Julie,

I also counsel this Merit Badge, and here are some things I’m thinking about for requirement 1c. Since the goal of the requirement is for Scouts to be able to locate the books on the shelves, they first need to understand how libraries organize books. Here are some online games that help teach/reinforce these skills if they feel they need them:

Order in the Library (sort, shelve, reorder–also offered in Spanish): https://www.stmarysbroome.wa.edu.au/home/start/order_in_the_library_game.html

Shelve Books in the Right Order (fiction & Dewey options): http://www.mrs-lodges-library.com/play-shelver/

Teaches the Dewey Decimal system ordering before offering a sorting game: http://sixthformstudyskills.ncl.ac.uk/libraries/

Library of Congress Tutorial: Call Number and Shelving (advanced info.): https://www.library.kent.edu/library-congress-tutorial-call-number-and-shelving#example

Other links to some good games are here (some links are broken): https://www.pobschools.org/cms/lib/NY01001456/Centricity/Domain/293/Library%20Games%20online%20hitlist.htm

I’m comfortable with this because if they know how to shelve a book, they also know how to find one. While the first two links are targeted at elementary age students, the first link, in particular, has levels that increase in difficulty and cover some essential sorting skills. (If I were working with an older Scout, I’d skip the second link.)

So what I plan to do is have a Scout do requirements 1a and 1b in the online library catalog. Then, to fulfill the intent of requirement 1c, I would suggest (can’t require it) they spend some time playing the games above–maybe even suggest they work up the Super Genius level in the first link–and then talk me through exactly where they would look to find the six books they picked and why. I might even ask them to look at these maps (https://www.denverlibrary.org/central-maps) and “take” me to the section they need.

For requirement 4a, a Scout could arrange with an extended care facility or hospital to have a Scout read to a person virtually. For requirement 4c, I’d be comfortable with a Scout making videos of him or herself reading age-appropriate books that a trusted elementary school librarian or preschool teacher could share with families who are learning at home or offering a set Zoom story time. We would discuss digital safety precautions first, of course, and ensure everyone’s comfort (Scout, parent, MBC). Both options would need to total at least four hours, per the requirements. If neither of these options worked, then a partial could be granted until in-person volunteer work could be done.

Hope this is helpful!

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Thank you so much!! This one is new to me and it’s a learning process for all of us to do virtually.

The requirements for this merit badge have been completely revised as of 1/1/2020, so many of the requirements mentioned above are no longer part of the merit badge. Any scouts starting the merit badge now should use the current requirements, which will make completing the merit badge more likely during these home-bound times.

Current requirements: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/Merit_Badge_ReqandRes/Reading.pdf

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