Reappling issues

My son was accidently left out of the recharter for our troop. I was told to just reapply him and everything would be fixed. the issue is that unit isn’t showing up on scoutbook.

Go to - not scoutbook

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We also had this issue, I was told by DE to get a new application from parents and submit that with the registration payment to him, rather than online. I’m guessing it will be easier to ensure the account is reactivated rather than a new one created.

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The issues i found is the same as others. The system keeps kicking him out of his den. It keeps adding a end date. It says ended by SP in the option box. I have to go in every couple of days to fix it. This not allowing his Acadias to update us on calander and event changes.


Your son has 2 BSA Member IDs and 2 Scoutbook accounts but he is not currently registered. I’ll send you a private message. Look for a green circle with white number on top of the green circle with white M in the upper right of your forum window.

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