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Recent Update to Calendar Timezones is Broken

@HubertSchwarthoff Could you also clarify where your unit is located? How close to a timezone border?

Troop 7 in Boise, ID

Do you have more than one unit invited to the event?

I haven’t tracked the details, but it’s possible, since we have two troops (7 boys and 7g girls) that often share events, and it’s not clear to me what you mean by “more than one unit” - I’m not familiar with the correct terms.

Boys troops and girls troops, even ones that share a chartering organization and unit numbers, are treated as separate units for Scoutbook purposes.

Yes, that would likely be the two units (two troops). You’re likely getting one reminder for each. The fact that they aren’t set to the same time is concerning. When you are on the troop page and look at the URL, what is the number after “UnitID=“ for each troop?

The boys’ troop:
The girls’ troop:

When you get the two meeting reminders, do they both list the same timezone?

My calendar events are also showing on Central Time, when I am on Eastern. I have confirmed that the zip code in Edit Pack is correct, 46236. This is an Indianapolis, Indiana zip code. I have also confirmed that my computer is set to Eastern time. Can you fix the events so I don’t have to edit each one, one by one?


Phones were both showing the same, correct, time.

I didn’t have time to problem solve a Scoutbook issue, I was solving an organizing issue. We’ll get some phones out at the regular meeting and see if we can find an iOS/Android difference, etc.

Boise. Timezone border can mean a couple of things here.
No, we’re not close enough to pick up towers in Pacific Time, but we are on the western edge of the timezone if you draw meridian lines. However, the county in adjacent eastern Oregon is also in Mtn, so cell Pacific timezone towers are far away.

I went back and checked: I don’t see duplicate meeting reminders. It looks like they were both separate. You can find the meeting headers copied below. It is an event for one unit only (Troop 7g), and the two reminders were sent two days apart. I’m not an admin, so I don’t know how this works, but I presume the two reminders were triggered separately. The fact that the time in the two reminders for the same event is different may mean that there were triggered on two different devices, e.g. one on iPhone and one on PC, and the reminder email took the meeting time shown on each device. Note the different time offset in the “When” line, and the first one says “Central Time”. (I doubt the person triggering the reminder was in Chicago at the time)
General thought: The timezone for an event should tie to the event location, not the location of the device you are using at the moment. Even when I’m visiting my grandmother in Chicago, I should be able to send out a reminder email for an event in Boise with the Boise time zone.

Email 1:

From: <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 10:19 PM
Subject: Reminder: RSVP for Geocaching

Event: Geocaching
Where: Barber Park
When: Nov 10, 2019, 3pm - 5pm (UTC-06:00) Central Time

Geocaching is …

Email 2:
From: <>
Sent: Friday, November 8, 2019 2:07 PM
Subject: Reminder: RSVP for Geocaching

Event: Geocaching
Where: Barber Park
When: Nov 10, 2019 2pm-4pm (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time

Troop 7G,

Geocaching is …

Mark, this point is moot, as the phones are always showing the correct time. That would not be the case, if they had picked up a signal from a tower in a different time zone.

Understood, but in troubleshooting, more info is better. I was just answering the questions in a way that allows them to set aside the possibility that the cause was one phone pinging a cell tower in PT, since they did ask if the phones were showing the same current time.

I’m in WA State, looking at events on my computer and on my phone. Each shows a different time for Calendar events. My computer is showing start times as 2 hours later than my phone. It would be helpful if the time listed also showed the time zone that it is applying.