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Recharter & AOL Scouts

Who pays the recharter fees for AOL Scouts who earn their rank and crossover in December? In the past, we have not paid for their recharter as they will be joining a Troop but my district is now saying that the Pack should pay the recharter and then do a transfer?

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If they aren’t members of your unit in 2021, why would you pay the fees for 2021?

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Recharter for 2021 is probably due in the next couple of weeks, so the Scouts need to pay it through the unit they’re currently registered with. When they move to a Troop, they don’t have to pay to recharter again; just a transfer fee (it’s like a buck in our Council…).

When I ran a Pack, we would recharter the Webelos, even though they were crossing over soon. We charged the full recharter fee for National, but pro-rated the Pack dues based on when cross-over happened.

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I have one Webelos Scout crossing over in December. Her new troop is from a different chartered organization than our pack. I advised her parents to pay the troop for 2021, since she won’t be on our charter at the end of the year. We expect to transfer her around December 21.

I would say if the Scout is going to a Troop with a different Charter Org and has money in a Scout Account at the pack, the pack should use the Scout Account and pay for the recharter. Scout Account money is not supposed to move from one Charter Org to another, unless the balance was fully funded by the family, not fundraising.

If there is no money in a Scout Account, then the recharter fees could be paid via the troop.


It all comes down to awards, their age, and the charter date.

The six month membership requirement since finishing 4th grade makes mid December the likely earliest bridge over date for most Scouts.

If they’re over 11 they can move anytime, even well before recharter. So it’s up to the family at that point if they want to wait on their den.

In our case our charter year runs Nov 1 to Oct 31. If a Scout under age 11 hasn’t yet earned Arrow of Light by Oct 31 they need to be registered with the pack and we transfer them when they’re ready to switch units. It’s simpler.

I would expect next to zero Cubs should be on the troop paperwork for before a Feb recharter unless they’re 11 and tired of Cubs because the six month wait means you’ll be on the late end of recharter turn in for all units to know who to send to a troop in Jan.

If the Scout skipped camp and showed back up the middle of September maybe you wouldn’t sign off on AoL rank until mid March (up to the unit) so they would need to register with the pack for a Jan 1 recharter to finish that rank.

Scout account money movement mentioned depends on the type of charter org. A non-profit is supposed to stay with the unit, otherwise it can be moved, this difference is hidden somewhere among the contradictory money guidance documents.

And why would the troop pay? In our area the families pay

This is one area of scouting that needs overhaul. Recharter is too complicated. The Cub Scout year typically starts in September, recharter should reflect this. All of the paperwork that is required is insane. It is easier for me to renew my car registration than it is to recharter my Cub Scout Pack! Ideally, just another tab or feature in Scoutbook to recharter scouts & leaders individually would be a huge improvement instead of the existing hybrid internet/paper/in-person approach.