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Recharter fees- financial assistance

What resources are available to Cub Scout families if they can’t afford the new $60 recharter fee? Some families in our Pack have multiple children so it adds up. What are our options? I appreciate any/all feedback.

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At present, my best recommendation is to reach out to your council professional staff to see what they know. There is a Growing Future Leaders Fund that’s been stood-up by the BSA at the national level, but nobody to whom I’ve spoken know how families in need can access it.

There’s a similar discussion here:

Fair warning, it becomes more than a bit acrimonious in places, since people are pretty upset about the change.

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I recommend talking to your Chartered Organization as well. They may be able to help you out. Our parish’s Knights of Columbus were able to give us $500 to help the troop with camperships to offset the membership increase.

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