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Recharter Process for Scout that will turn 18 in recharter window with an extension

I know I have seen this but can’t find it. What is the correct process for rechartering a scout that is not 18 yet but turns 18 before the end of the year? She has an approved extension that expires in March. We have tried to process her as an adult (it won’t accept it) as a unit participant (marks her as youth and doubles her registration, if we delete one it deletes both). The thought now (from council) is to leave her off the recharter and add her back after.
Please let me know how this is supposed to work.

if she is a youth today - you recharter her as a youth

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The system won’t let us. It tells us she needs an adult application. I assume it’s because she turns 18 on December 22, so she will be an “adult” in January when the new charter takes effect. As I said we entered her as a unit participant (youth) but then she appears twice in the recharter and is being charged two recharter fees. Clearly something isn’t right. We are looking for the correct way to process this.

Work with your Registrar, but I believe she needs to be registered as a Unit Participant (UP) because she turned 18 before the start of the charter year. She will need a BSA adult application, the additional disclosures & background check authorization form, and current YPT training.

If you are being charged twice for her, then that sounds like a bug. I would go through your Registrar to try to get it fixed.

When we choose unit participant it changes to youth and duplicates. We have the adult paperwork for her. The registrar is who is recommending we drop her and add her later which I know isn’t the right way to handle this.
So the bottom line that I seem to be getting here is no one knows how this process should work? I’m not asking anyone to fix this I’m just asking how it should be done. I’m hoping to be able to back track and figure out where we went wrong but I can’t do that if no one knows how it should be done.

I have a Unit Participant in my troop, but he is not getting duplicated in Internet Rechartering. That’s why I’m saying that I think there is a bug.

Your Registrar can contact BSA Member Care and ask what to do / how to fix.

Maybe when the system duplicates the person you could go into the section where you mark persons as multiple with another unit and that would eliminate the extra fee.
I know that one of our units had already “finalized” the report and had to do a lot of pin & ink work on the final complete printout when it was realized that several of the adults and youth were multiple registrations. Will be turning in the paperwork for three local units on Thursday due to the Council employee who was to pick it up being tested positive for COVID over the weekend and not able to come out to the rural area as planned today. I need to go into the city (and council office) on Thursday anyway so that will not be a big deal.
Once this issue is resolved please let those who follow the forums know how this issue was resolved.

So far it appears that removing all instances of the scout and adding them as a new scout allowed the recharter to be done by the unit. Waiting to see how it processes through council.

Hopefully, it doesn’t create a new BSA member number for the Scout. That can cause issues.

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When you enter the new scout it asks for their BSA ID. Hopefully that’s all that’s needed. Who knows? Apparently I’m the first to have the issue so we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

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