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Rechartering questions - rosters and adding scouts

Not really scout book related, but this is my first recharter and I have some questions.

I have the recharter roster - I’ve checked everyone who’s staying, unchecked those who’ve left. Pretty easy. I manually added a den leader, no big deal.

Problem 1: None of my new scouts who’ve done online applications through the beascout website are in the roster. Do I need to manually jam all their info into the system? Seems redundant.

Problem 2: No transfer scouts that came into the pack are in the roster either. I uploaded their paper youth applications to council. They’re in scoutbook, but not the rechartering roster. Do I need to dig up those applications and manually add those scouts as well?

This is either a very inefficient system, or maybe my council isn’t loading the information, or I’m completely missing the ball here.


If you’ve had scouts added to the my.scouting roster after you’ve started the recharter process, you will need to go back to Step 2 and click “Update Unit Roster” to refresh the list. That should add any new scouts/leaders, as well as any leader’s updated YPT training dates. When refreshing, the system should preserve any changes you have already flagged, like address updates, position changes, and whether folks are renewing or not. Hopefully that will pick up your missing scouts.

For more, I encourage you to check out the step-by-step tutorial on this page (especially slide 11). Your District Commissioner should also be able to help if you’re still having issues.


Yes that was it. The Update unit roster button brought in the scouts from beascout and the few missing in the roster were because our council doesn’t take transfer forms anymore and needs a full application for transfers. Thank you.

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