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How has everyone handled rechartering?
We were not able to complete this prior to cancelling of gatherings.
We are a small pack and this is my first year as Committee Chair.
Thank you.

When was your councils recharter date? most seem to be 12/31.

It was March 31st. We are given a grace period. But we don’t know when we will be able to get back together.
12/31 seems like a better date to recharter. I wonder why our council picked March.

there is a built in 60 day grace period. I see no reason you need to meet to recharter, it is just paperwork and 2 signatures which I think are even online now

If your recharter was turned in and not posted by March 31st, your Charter Organization Representative or Committee Chair needs to contact the District Executive for guidance about continuing your Scouting Program. Effective March 31st your unit is no longer carried on BSA membership rolls.

For units that did not turn in a recharter at all, I recommend you stop all Scouting activities to eliminate liability against the Charter Organization, as well as unit leaders. You too need to contact your District Executive.

If you are unsure of your status, log into MyScouting and see if you still have access to Member or Training Manager. If you do not have access, your unit is no longer affiliated with BSA.

Each recharter is an written agreement between the council and charter organization. The same is true between councils and national.

Thank you all for this great info! Very helpful.

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